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Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global environmental movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), encouraging individuals, communities, businesses, and governments to switch off non-essential lights for one hour as a symbolic gesture of commitment to the planet. Here's a comprehensive overview of Earth Hour:

### Origins and History:

1. Inception: Earth Hour was first organized in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, when 2.2 million individuals and more than 2,000 businesses switched off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about climate change and energy conservation.

2. Global Expansion: Since its inception, Earth Hour has grown into a worldwide movement, with millions of people across 190 countries participating each year.

### Objectives:

1. Raise Awareness: Earth Hour aims to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues, particularly climate change, and the urgent need for collective action to address them.

2. Promote Sustainability: It encourages individuals, communities, and organizations to adopt sustainable practices, reduce energy consumption, and advocate for renewable energy sources.

3. Engage and Mobilize: Earth Hour serves as a platform to engage and mobilize people from all walks of life, empowering them to take meaningful action for the planet.

### Observance:

1. Date and Time: Earth Hour is typically observed on the last Saturday of March each year, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time. However, some regions may choose to observe it on a different date depending on local circumstances.

2. Lights Out: Participants are encouraged to switch off non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour during the designated time.

3. Public Events: Earth Hour often features public events, concerts, candlelight vigils, and community gatherings to mark the occasion and promote environmental awareness.

4. Digital Engagement: In addition to physical events, Earth Hour also utilizes digital platforms and social media to engage a global audience and encourage virtual participation.

### Impact and Achievements:

1. Global Participation: Earth Hour has become one of the world's largest grassroots movements for the environment, with millions of individuals, businesses, and landmarks participating each year.

2. Policy Influence: The movement has helped raise awareness and mobilize public support for stronger environmental policies and commitments at local, national, and international levels.

3. Behavior Change: Earth Hour encourages individuals and organizations to adopt sustainable practices beyond the event, leading to long-term changes in energy consumption and environmental stewardship.

### Themes and Campaigns:

1. Annual Themes: Each year, Earth Hour focuses on a specific theme or campaign to address key environmental issues, such as biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, or sustainable lifestyles.

2. Beyond the Hour: Earth Hour encourages participants to go beyond the symbolic gesture of switching off lights and take concrete actions to reduce their ecological footprint and advocate for environmental protection throughout the year.

### Conclusion:

Earth Hour symbolizes the collective power of individuals and communities to address global environmental challenges and create a sustainable future for the planet. By coming together for one hour each year, people around the world demonstrate their commitment to protecting the Earth and inspire others to join in the effort.

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